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100 Curators 100 Days


cliophile a déménagé ! Retrouvez le nouveau webzine de cliophile ici !


100 Curators 100 Days | Saatchi Online.

« ‘100 Curators 100 Days’ is a major initiative that recognizes talented emerging artists from around the world. It was developed by Rebecca Wilson, Director of the Saatchi Gallery, London and is the inaugural exhibit under the helm of Saatchi Online’s new CEO, Margo Spiritus. Each day for 100 days, work selected by curators from the world’s most prestigious museums and galleries will be revealed. »

I think the basic idea is great : discovering modern Art but also collections of museums in other countries.

The problem is for discovering Art, we need (scientific) analyses and we have’nt that on this website ! When you click on « View collection », we are in front of a … pinterest screen ! Nice photos, short informations (title, support, localisation (only city and country), artist, original price, sharing) and … price for a private copy print only for you, dear art amateur !

Too bad that only informations about artists or works of Art are only like facebook-biographies and not like Lives by Vasari… !

Here, like on Amazon, we can choose other works of art from this selected artist or « You Might Like » … Very damaging beacause that was a very interesting basic idea … that became so … unintersting and mercantile ! :(


À propos de Hélène Herniou - cliophile

Muséogeek ... mais pas que !


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